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Prototypes for new, tastier and healthier food and drink options for local sports canteens

May 17, 2018

Chris Steel MLA, on behalf of the Minister for Health Meegan Fitzharris, announced the winner of a Healthier Food and Drink Product Design Competition at a Shark Tank event held last night.

Following an intense round of pitching ideas to a panel of judges, a team of students from the University of Canberra’s (UC) design school and culinary students from the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) won the competition, which is part of the Its Your Move program.

The Hummus team created Uncle Chuck’s Hot Pocket that met the brief, which was all about creating a food or drink product that is eye-catching, tastes great, is healthy and is a viable and popular option for sports canteens in ACT.

Mr Steel said that with over 32,000 kids between the ages five to fourteen years involved in organised sport, we have the opportunity to influence the food and drink choices kids make after playing sport.

“The process of creating a new food and drink product for this competition has also been focused on innovation and collaboration. As a judge on the panel, I am pleased to say that the competition has generated some incredibly creative ideas from our local tertiary students,” Mr Steel said.

“The creative pitches that we heard at last night’s event also really highlights the importance of engaging young people in a conversation about a healthy lifestyle and what it means to them.

“We would now welcome interest from local companies to get behind these young entrepreneurs and support the production of these healthier products for the marketplace.

“For local companies interested, please get in touch with ACT Health to get involved.

“We know that obesity is a complex issue and there is no simple solution to tackling it.

“Our environment, including shops, workplaces, schools and media, influences food and drink preferences. That’s why it’s important to consider innovative ideas that can influence the environment to promote healthier food and drink options.

“I would like to thank the UC and CIT who collaborated with the ACT Government to bring this great project to life.

“Congratulations to the winners and to all teams that participated. I look forward to seeing more great initiatives like this emerge in the future,” Mr Steel said.

More information about It’s Your Move is available on the ACT Health website.