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Mount Taylor car park upgrade to meet growing demand

August 30, 2018

Part of the verge on Sulwood Drive will be turned into a car park to provide better and safer access to the increasingly popular Mount Taylor Nature Reserve, Minister for Roads Chris Steel has today announced.

This follows a petition lodged in the Legislative Assembly last year, sponsored by Mr Steel on behalf of the community, as well as a previous petition from Bec Cody MLA.

Mr Steel said that the number of people using Mount Taylor for recreation was increasing with the walking trail attracting around 4,000 visitors a month.

“It’s been clear to me and local residents that the number of visitors to Mount Taylor is increasing with often up to 80 cars parked along Sulwood Drive next to Mount Taylor,” Mr Steel said.

“It’s great to see more Canberrans using Mount Taylor for recreation, but upgrades to the verge are required to make sure that it is safe and accessible for visitors and local residents.”

Mr Steel, who is also a nearby resident, said that the combination of the intersection (of Mannheim Street and Sulwood Drive) and the informal car park was dangerous, and that traffic interventions were required.

“To improve safety, there will be only one clearly signed entry and one exit point to the car park 150m west and east from the intersection with Mannheim Street.

“A kerb barrier will also be placed on the road edge to prevent vehicles exiting and entering the car park directly around the intersection.

“The dirt car park will also be levelled and resurfaced with chip seal to suppress dust and dirt and improve the look of the cark park,” Mr Steel said.

Mr Steel said Transport Canberra and City Services had met with local members of the Kambah community to discuss the issues at the intersection before presenting draft plans for their feedback.

“I’d like to thank local residents, including Taryn Langdon, for their constructive feedback and advocacy which has informed the design of these traffic improvements.”

Mr Steel said the ACT Government was also investigating shared path connections on the southern side of Sulwood Drive and possible modification of the intersection with Mannheim Street and provision of a storage lane for vehicles turning right to Sulwood Drive. Signs to other entrances on Sulwood Drive to the Mountain would also be provided.

The car park works are likely to commence in October 2018. TCCS will invest around $200,000 for this improvement work. The works will be complemented by the ACT Government’s $75,000 investment in the 2018-19 Budget to undertake reserve and walking trail upgrades.