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2018 ACT Community Protection Medals

April 06, 2018

Five members of Police and Emergency Services have been recognised for their contribution to protecting the ACT and its community.

Chris Steel MLA, representing the Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mick Gentleman MLA, today attended a ceremony to award the 2018 ACT Community Protection Medals to the recipients who have given sustained, distinguished or outstanding service.

"Today we are recognising five people who are the embodiment of commitment and dedication to the ACT community," Mr Steel said.

“These medals are being awarded to recipients from ACT Policing, ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Emergency Services Agency, ACT Fire & Rescue Service, ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT State Emergency Service.

"I am very proud to be presenting these awards to members of our policing and emergency services, who provide crucial and often life-saving services to the ACT community.

“I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the families and partners of the medal recipients. Their continued support and the sacrifices they have made, especially during times of crisis, is greatly appreciated and valued”.

The five recipients of this year's ACT Community Protection Medal are:

  • Detective Station Sergeant Harry Hains – ACT Policing – for sustained, distinguished and outstanding service to the Canberra community.
  • Mr Ronald Wardrope – ACT Ambulance Service – for profound dedication to the service and protection of the Canberra community.
  • Mr Lee Summerfield – ACT Fire & Rescue Service – for his distinguished service as a firefighter and his outstanding contribution to the ACT Fire Brigade Historical Society.
  • Mr Michael Joyce – ACT Rural Fire Service – for sustained, distinguished and outstanding service to the Canberra community as a rural fire volunteer and staff member.
  • Ms Julia Rozycka – ACT State Emergency Service – for outstanding contribution to the ACT community as a volunteer in the ACT State Emergency Service.