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Woden's regeneration - June Budget update

June 05, 2018

Our Labor Government just handed down our Budget with new investments to support Woden's regeneration.

As an advocate for Woden's regeneration I am really pleased that we are delivering improvements to public transport, public spaces and public footpaths and cycleways in the Town Centre.


We are delivering on the key active travel priorities of the Woden Master Plan by delivering $4.75 million in new active travel upgrades to make it easier to move around the Town Centre.

The ACT Government will construct new and upgraded cycling and walking infrastructure across the Town Centre - including new separated cycleways and verge improvements as well as way finding signage.

This includes the design and construction of a new separated cycleway and verge improvements along Corinna Street and and upgraded cycling and walking infrastructure on other key links. (see the map below)

A new ‘Pedestrianised Heart’ will be created near Atlantic Street, with construction of a new share path ramp from to the central pedestrian spine.


We have also delivered funding through the Budget in the #WodenExperiment 'placemaking' initiative in the Town Square.

The funding the ACT Budget for the #WodenExperiment will support a six month installation from August to make the Town Square a better place for people.

The #WodenExperiment team has been meeting with users of the square and analysing foot traffic to help understand and transform this challenging (and windy!) space.

More information on the #WodenExperiment is available here.


Extending light rail to Woden will see Canberra further realise the benefits of a city-wide light rail network by providing a critical north-south public transport spine. This stage will connect Woden with major employment hubs and Woden's suburbs with better public transport.

The proposed extension of rail to Woden is already building confidence in the Town Centre's future as a great place to live and work.

It's really exciting that in the ACT Budget today that we will fund the next stage of planning, design and enabling works for light rail from the City to Woden.

This includes the redesign and build of a new Transport Canberra bus interchange in the Woden Town Centreand the redevelopment of the Yarra Glenn intersection with Melrose and Yamba Drives to accommodate light rail.

To connect passengers with Canberra Metro the Government will also develop an updated ‘Park and Ride’ strategy incorporating bus and light rail.

The $12.5 million in the Budget also includes funding to further advance the technical and design aspects of light rail to Woden. I will continue to update you as the work progresses on this transformative project for Woden.

The 2018 Budget demonstrates that our Labor Government is investing in Woden Town Centre’s regeneration - with growing infrastructure to make sure our part of the City keeps getting even better.More information on the ACT Budget is available here.

In my work in the Assembly I will continue to advocate and deliver investments for Woden and its surrounding suburbs.

I will keep you updated, and if there are any ACT Government matters you would like to raise with me, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Kind regards,


Chris Steel MLA

PS My previous update on Woden including the redevelopment of the Alexander and Albemarle buildings is here.