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New details on our vision for light rail and Woden's regeneration

June 22, 2018

Transport Canberra has just released the Light Rail Stage 2 Update - with new details on the how the project will support Woden Town Centre's regeneration.

Light rail is a transformative project for Woden - It will make Woden a more attractive place to live, work and visit, and support the realisation of the Woden Town Centre Master Plan.

Together with Stage 1 of the project (which is on track to be completed by the end of the year), Stage 2 will provide North to South transport spine connecting Woden with the major transport hubs in Deakin, Barton, the City and beyond. Connecting the City and Woden is critical to make future extensions to the network on the Southside outlined in the Light Rail Master Plan (on p13 of the Update).


Light rail will help change the way people view Woden, unlocking the yet unrealised potential of Woden's underutilised spaces. The project will inject life into the Town Centre by providing the essential incentive to revitalise older C and D grade buildings which are privately owned and have been left empty by the Commonwealth Government.

Importantly, City to Woden light rail via Barton will establish a new gateway to the heart of the nation’s capital along Adelaide Avenue. Not only will this gateway better connect the Southside to the centre of Canberra, but it will also open new opportunities for tourism and international-based investment, such as new hotels and restaurants.

Light rail is Woden's chance to improve access to the Town Centre and employment hubs, supporting investment and economic diversification for our community.

An artists impression of light rail along Adelaide Avenue.


Light rail stage 2 will not only provide more high capacity public transport options for Woden, but also significantly change the atmosphere/appearance of Woden Town Centre starting with a new integrated public transport interchange on Callam Street.

Our vision to deliver a high capacity transport interchange introduces:

  • Generous active travel paths alongside the light rail alignment
  • A barrier-free shared zone that ensures easy access for pedestrians and cyclists across the track
  • A new integrated public transport interchange (bus, light rail, active travel)
  • New street tree planting to reflect the nature and pedestrian scale of the surrounding streets
  • The restriction of private road vehicles on Callam Street from Matilda Street to a new Bradley Street (excluding emergency vehicles and buses).

An artists impression of the new Woden Interchange on Callam Street.


Woden residents can look forward to the future with optimism because we are already seeing urban regeneration because of Light Rail Stage 2 and the ACT Government's other urban regeneration initiatives in Woden.

Canberra Times 2 March 2018:

‘There’s been a huge change to Woden, and in spite of the fact that there’s been a loss of employment, the expectation that the tram will go there has lifted a lot of people’s interest in the place…’

‘Developers are working on grand plans that promise hope to breathe new life into the area. New apartments are springing up, vacant shops in the Westfield mall are filling…’

In my work in the Assembly I will continue to advocate and deliver urban regeneration in Woden and on the Southside.

I will keep you updated, and if there are any ACT Government matters you would like to raise with me, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Kind regards,


Chris Steel MLA

P.S My previous update on Woden including whats in the 2018 Budget is here.