Campaign for light rail to Woden

Canberra’s population is projected to increase over the next two decades from 400,000 to over 500,000.

By 2041 almost 90,000 people are also expected to be living within one kilometre of the Woden-City corridor.

In order to avoid becoming gridlocked like Sydney, the ACT Government is investing in a mass-transit system for our growing city.

Light rail will be the catalyst for urban renewal in Woden Town Centre, just as it has been along Northbourne Avenue. 

The new Transport Canberra Interchange will be one of the first flagship projects in the extension of light rail. Combined with the new bus depot, and extra bus services, light rail will drive economic, social and environmental change in Woden that buses alone have never delivered.

Despite the benefits for the Southside, the Liberals are opposed to light rail coming to Woden and are campaigning against it. That's why I need your support.

This campaign supports a better transport system for the ACT - by delivering stage two of light rail to Woden.

Please show your support by signing this petition.

Stage two of light rail will run from the City to Woden, through the Parliamentary triangle.

It will connect employment hubs, community services, residential areas and cultural institutions.

For more information on the development of light rail stage 2 is available at Transport Canberra.